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Lamb Dishes Implicated in New Food Scandal

April 17, 2014

kebabThe Food Standards Agency (FSA) has asked local authorities to conduct a round of sampling at takeaways serving lamb dishes after a survey by Which? found other unlabeled meats being used.

The consumer group tested 60 takeaway lamb curries and minced lamb kebabs, finding that 24 of them contained other meats such as beef or chicken. Five of the samples contained meat that could not be identified. Local authority sampling results submitted to the FSA during 2013 also showed that 43 out of 145 samples of takeaway meals containing lamb consisted of other meats, with 25 being entirely made up of beef.

Andrew Rhodes, the FSA’s Chief Operating Officer, agrees more can be done to stop this type of incident. “Prosecutions have taken place against business owners for mislabeling lamb dishes, but the recurring nature of the problem shows there needs to be a renewed effort to tackle this problem. Clearly the message isn’t getting through to some businesses. The further priority testing we have announced today will focus the efforts of enforcement officers and raise awareness amongst food businesses of the action they face for defrauding consumers.”

The latest food scandal comes at a time when the Trading Standards Institute has said that budgets for food fraud work have been cut by an average 40% across England and Wales in the past four years.