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New Onshore Wind Farms Face Election Axe

April 25, 2014
Environmental Protection

Energy Minister Michael Fallon has confirmed that if the conservative party win the next election they will end financial support for new onshore wind farms. Speaking on BBC Radio Four’s Today programme he said, “We’ve got enough wind farms now to meet our target and we don’t think it’s right that people paying their electricity bills should pay this extra subsidy on top so we are calling a halt. We’ve been subsidising onshore wind for 20 years so we don’t need to go on.”

As well as removing the subsidy there are also plans to allow local communities to play a larger part in decisions over onshore wind as Mr Fallon went on to explain; “From now on this won’t be decided by the Secretary of State in Whitehall it will only be done locally with permission of the local community.”

Figures released by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) show that 13.8GW of onshore wind power capacity has already been built, are under construction or have been granted planning permission in the UK. Earlier this week the government announced the approval of eight new renewable energy projects which include offshore wind farms, coal to biomass conversions and a dedicated biomass plant with combined heat and power on Teesside. The new projects will provide a total of 4.5 GW to the national grid.