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April 28, 2014
Latest News

caravanDetails of recent guidance notes added to the RIAMS system include new notes on residential caravan sites, victim personal statements and the mothballing of environmental permits.

Residential Caravan Sites
There is now a new procedure in the Licensing area called LP58E Caravan Site Licensing Residential. This procedure deals with the powers of a local authority to license residential caravan sites, set fees for site licences and attach conditions to the licence.

Victim Personal Statements
The Enforcement module now contains a new procedure to be considered when preparing cases for court, where there is a victim who has suffered loss as a direct result of an incident.  people affected in this way now have an option of providing a Victim Personal Statement. This will assist the court in determining the appropriate sentence. The procedure and supporting guidance are located in the ‘Reporting and Processing Offences’ folder.

Mothballing Environmental Permits
A new procedure has been added to the Environmental Protection module that addresses the mothballing of permits in England where an operator temporarily ceases an operation or reduces activity below threshold levels. A template form and letters have also been included in the documents folder.