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Sale of Alcohol by Community Groups to be Made Easier by Deregulation Bill

May 19, 2014

An amendment to the Deregulation Bill which introduces a new ‘Community and Ancillary Sellers’ notice will make it easier for groups where regulated entertainment or the sale of alcohol are not their core business to obtain licences in future. At present the system relies on community groups going through the formal process of applying for a Premises Licence or using multiple Temporary Event Notices. Home Office Minister Norman Baker agrees that the current process is unsuitable for community events as is the requirement that the number of events held at one venue should be restricted to 12 every year.

Speaking in the House of Commons Mr Baker said “Groups such as the Women’s Institutes, thriving church organisations and other local charities are not just about ‘jam and Jerusalem’; sometimes they might also be about a glass of warm beer or chilled chardonnay.” The change has come about as a result of last year’s consultation on the government’s alcohol strategy which suggested a light touch approach.

As RHE Licensing associate Julia Bradburn pointed out there is still some way to go until the amendment becomes law. “On review of the clause and schedule proposed, this seems to indicate that much of the detail as to this new notice provision will be set out in secondary legislation. We understand the government intends to consult on this detail before implementation of the legislation,” she said. 

A copy of the clause can be found here: Deregulation Bill amendment as to Community and ancillary seller’s notice.