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RIAMS Weekly News Update

May 29, 2014
Latest News

beach pollutionDetails of recent guidance notes and procedures added to the RIAMS system include Coastal Pollution, Caravan Site Licensing and Housing Temporary Exemption Notices.

Coastal Pollution
A new guidance note dealing with coastal pollution has been added to the procedures folder of the Environmental Protection module. It sets out the various responsibilities of agencies under the three tiers of incidents as defined by the National Contingency Plan for Maritime Pollution and identifies the local authority’s duties, which include setting up and hosting a Shoreline Response Centre (SRC). Environmental Health Departments may be involved in a number of areas including statutory nuisance and bathing water quality.

Residential Caravan Site Licensing Enforcement
A new procedure has been added to the Licensing module to cover the enforcement actions to consider where there are breaches of Residential Caravan Site Licence conditions. Local authorities may carry out emergency works and works in default recovering expenses incurred in the process.

Caravan Site Licensing Notices
Three additional template notices have been added to the Licensing module to cover emergency action and action following a conviction: Intention to Take Emergency Action, Notice Following Commencement of Emergency Action and Intention to Take Action Following Conviction for Failure to Take Steps Required by a Compliance Notice.

Housing Temporary Exemption Notices
A further three template notices have been added to the Houses in Multiple Occupation folder. They address the service of first and second Temporary Exemption Notices (TENs) and a Notice of Decision not to issue a notice.