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Take a Lunch Break To Stay Healthy

June 6, 2014
Public Health

A new study by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) and health insurer Aviva has called upon employers to encourage staff to take lunch breaks. The research was carried out to mark the CSP’s annual Workout at Work Day and included responses from 2,000 workers. It found that one in five regularly worked through their lunch while half of those who did manage to take a break ate at their desks.

CSP Chief Executive Karen Middleton agrees that finding time to fit in even moderate exercise can be difficult, but as she points out the costs of inactivity can be far greater. “Aside from the human cost the price of inactivity for employers can be vast with higher sickness absence costs and lower productivity,” she said. “It is in everybody’s interests to find ways to tackle the enormous problem of inactivity in the UK and we would encourage people to take responsibility for their own health.”

The study did find that a third of employees do provide opportunities for physical activity such as subsidised gym membership, lunchtime running clubs or after work fitness classes but there were no details of take up. Results however also suggested that workers were being expected to be at their desks for longer with 33% of respondents admitting to working beyond their contracted hours on a regular basis.

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