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England Fans in Wales Can Now Enjoy the World Cup With a Drink

June 12, 2014

footballEarlier this year the Home Office confirmed that licensing hours would be relaxed for premises in England during England World Cup matches with a kick off time of 8pm or later. The decision, which followed a consultation in March, was not extended to other parts of the UK.

This week new regulations have been announced that allow Welsh premises to extend their licensed hours during evening England matches by applying for a specific form of temporary event notice (TEN) which will not be subject to a fee. Although the relaxation will not be automatic in Wales, the removal of the fee does at least go some way towards recognising that premises in Wales were also keen to extend their licensing hours for the England matches.

Alun Cairns, MP for the Vale of Glamorgan, is delighted with the move: “This is great news for people in Wales who want to be able to watch the games the same way as in England,” he said. “The economic issues are very important. Too many pubs have closed and many remain under threat. This is a welcome boost to the industry. There are clearly economic benefits to these amendments.”

While football fans in Wales can look forward to longer licensing hours, those in Scotland will have to make other arrangements. The Scottish Licensing Board have rejected a number of applications for occasional licence extensions on the basis that the World Cup is not “an event of local or national importance.”