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3.8 Million Diabetes Cases and Rising

July 7, 2014
Public Health

Diabetes UK has warned that the increasing number of cases of the condition is becoming a “national health emergency.” Type 2 diabetes which has strong links to obesity is responsible for over 700 new cases a day in the UK. That equates to a population the size of Newcastle upon Tyne being diagnosed each year.

It is predicted that unless action is taken to prevent the increase in cases, the number of people with the condition could rise to 5 million by 2025. The charity is calling for greater investment to ensure those people identified as being at high risk get early support in order to prevent the problem growing further.

Barbara Young Diabetes UK’s chief executive said; “As the number of people with diabetes grows, we are likely to see even more endure devastating health complications such as amputation and kidney failure and more people die tragically young. If we continue to see people being diagnosed at this rate then the consequences will be disastrous.”

As well as those receiving a formal diagnosis it is feared that over a third of the population are close to developing the condition.  The latest figures come from the National Diabetes Audit conducted by Diabetes UK and supermarket chain Tesco. Rates of Type 1 diabetes which is not linked to excess weight have remained constant with approximately 30 cases being diagnosed every day.