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Questions Over Lack of Games’ Low Emission Zones

July 8, 2014
Environmental Protection

Just over two weeks away from the opening ceremony for the Glasgow Commonwealth Games, organisers have been accused of breaking promises over air quality in the city.

Whilst Glasgow 2014 has already been recognised for its efforts to cut carbon emissions, reduce waste and promote healthy living, environmentalists say pledges over air quality have been ignored. Originally organisers agreed that as part of their sustainability commitments they would ban polluting vehicles from the event venues by introducing low emission zones.The approach has proved difficult to achieve with officials admitting that finding vehicles that meet the standard had become almost impossible. Despite the setback Glasgow 2014 chiefs are still confident that the event will meet the same sustainability criteria achieved at London 2012.

A spokesperson said; “We continue to work collaboratively through the Glasgow 2014 Environment Forum, which comprises [of]  representatives from Scottish government, the organising committee, Glasgow city council and a wide range of environmental regulatory groups and non-governmental organisations. The forum has been satisfied that our approach across a range of key areas, including the reduction of emissions, is appropriate.”

Measures introduced include the active promotion of public transport with no spectator parking available at venues and funded travel included in ticket prices. To coincide with the games which start on July 23rd Glasgow City Council has recently introduced a £600,000 cycle hire scheme to cut pollution and encourage active travel in the city.