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Keep Working To Live Longer Says New Older Persons Champion

July 14, 2014
Public Health

Dr Ros Altmann the government’s newly appointed ‘older persons champion’ is encouraging people to stay at work beyond 65 to help them live longer.

A former director general of Saga Dr Altmann said; “This will become increasingly important for many individuals, not only because it will increase their lifetime income and their pension prospects, but also because of the many other benefits of work, such as continued social engagement and improved health and well being.” She is concerned that many people ‘write themselves off’ when they are still fit and healthy wasting many years of accumulated experience.

Latest figures from the Office of Budget Responsibility suggest that increases in life expectancy mean the state pension age is likely to rise to 70 within the next 50 years meaning an older workforce will become the norm. Last month the government published ‘Fuller Working Lives ‘ which set out the benefits of employing workers over 50 to individuals, business and the economy as a whole. Statistics contained in the report suggest that of the 10 million aged between 50 and 65 over a fifth are currently out of work. By 2030 the number of people in England over 65 is expected to increase by 50% while those over 85 will double with a third of children born in 2014 are expected to live until 100. 

You can download a copy of ‘Fuller Working Lives‘ here