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RIAMS at IFEH International Conference Las Vegas

July 18, 2014
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showgirlsIn Las Vegas this month, Rob Halford, founder and managing director of RHE, braved the unlikeliest of environmental health conference venues to renew and forge international links with environmental health associations and service providers in countries around the world.

Rob said, “We were overwhelmed by the level of interest in RIAMS for supporting environmental health practitioners. We are looking forward to stepping up our international networks to cement RIAMS as the platform of choice, thus achieving our goal of supporting professionals with a first class resource with which to do their job.”

The RIAMS cloud platform is attracting wide interest across Australia, with Jody White, President of the Environmental Health Association (EHA) New South Wales now joining the RIAMS Australia team. Sean La Fontaine of Kernow Environmental Services (who provide RIAMS in Australia) said, “The conference was fantastic, which is a great credit to the International Federation of Environmental Health and the National Environmental Health Association. It was extremely pleasing that there was enormous interest in RIAMS across the international environmental health community.”

RHE is now beginning to lay the foundations for introducing RIAMS into Canada, USA, South Africa and several smaller states and regions globally.