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Salmonella Outbreak Continues

August 18, 2014

Government scientists are continuing their investigation into 156 cases of salmonella across the country. There are fears that the cases could be linked to one single source. 

A Public Health England (PHE) spokesman told the Daily Mail that investigations are being carried out in Hampshire where the spread is linked to The Real China oriental restaurant in Eastleigh. There have been 25 cases in London, 43 cases in the West Midlands and 33 cases in Cheshire and Merseyside. 

According to the Daily Telegraph PHE considers all of the cases to be connected with the source originating abroad from infected liquid eggs imported from France. 

Professor Anthony Hilton, Head of Biological and Biomedical Science at Aston University, said, “If the cases are related the next important stage will be identifying common risk factors which are associated with the infected individuals. This might be consumption of a contaminated food or ingredient or even a common exposure at an event or activity. 

“Compiling food and exposure histories of cases occurring over several months can be complex and time consuming depending on the quality of the information available and it may be some time before we know the true extend of the outbreak and the causative link, if any.” 

Salmonella Enteritidis is a strain of bacteria that causes gastrointestinal illness and is often linked to poultry or eggs. For more information from PHE on Salmonella click here.