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Food Forum Re-Launched

August 20, 2014

The Food Forum has just been re-launched with new functionality and a new moderator, Nick Wellington of Doncaster MBC.

Nick has brought with him a whole library of documents and resources that were previously available on the Knowledge Hub Food Hygiene group and are now exclusive to the Food Forum. Content will be regularly updated to make this an essential resource. 

Nick will oversee the forum, help answer questions and facilitate discussion between the hundreds of professionals already taking advantage of this free-to-use service for food safety professionals. 

The Food Forum is split into six main sections:

  • Forum: free and secure environment for discussion 
  • Blog: news, opinion, comments and debate
  • Documents: a treasure-trove of fully-searchable information covering 14 different topics with lots of examples of LA good practice
  • EU Food Recall updates from Cesare Vallo of www.foodlawlatest.com
  • RHE digest of FSA Audit Summaries
  • Useful Links

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