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RIAMS Update

August 29, 2014
Latest News

penguinDetails of recent guidance notes and procedures added to the RIAMS system including updates to the Food, Housing and Public Health knowledge areas.

Food Fraud

A new Guidance Note has been added to the Enforcement folder in the Food module covering Food Fraud. The note provides an overview of the subject and the issues to consider if fraud is suspected when undertaking food hygiene interventions, or as a result of a complaint from a member of the public. The Food Standards Agency operates a Food Fraud Advisory Unit (FFAU) to assist local authorities in these circumstances.

Export Health Certificates

A new procedure has been added to the RIAMS Food module in the Imports and Exports folder covering the issuing of Export Health Certificates to countries outside the European Union (EU). The procedure covers checks to be carried out on receipt of an application, the content of certificates and general administration. To accompany the procedure, a template certificate and record form have also been included in the documents folder.

Rent Repayment Orders

A new guidance note has been added to the Procedures folder of the RIAMS Housing module entitled Offences and Consequences of Running an Unlicensed HMO or House. The note includes advice on licensing requirements and applications for Rent Repayment Orders. A template Notice of Intended Proceedings: Proposal to Seek Rent Repayment Order together with the details to accompany an application have been included in the Notices folder. National guidance has also been added into the National Policy and Guidance folder. 

Cold Weather Plan

A guidance note has been added to the Climate Change folder in the Public Health module. The note sets out the contents of the National Cold Weather Plan for England and highlights the role of Environmental Health. The plan operates between 1 November and 31 March each year.