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Consultation on Smoking in Cars with Children Launched in Wales

September 11, 2014
Public Health

The Welsh Government has launched a six week consultation on proposals to ban smoking in cars with children present. The ban, initially announced in July, could also be extended to the use of e-cigarettes depending on the responses received. Penalties will include a £50 on the spot fine which will be enforced by the police. Failure to pay the fixed penalty could then lead to a maximum fine of £800 while anyone convicted of failing to prevent smoking could be fined up to a maximum of £10,000. 

Welsh Health Minister Mark Drakeford told the South Wales Argus; “Our aim is to protect the health of children and young people from the harm associated with exposure to second-hand smoke when traveling in private vehicles.” 

“Changing the law would protect children from the health harms associated with exposure to second-hand smoke in private vehicles, encourage action by smokers to protect children from second-hand smoke and lead to a reduction in health conditions in children caused by exposure to second-hand smoke.” 

A poll conducted earlier this year showed that 84% of adults agreed with a ban. Smoking was responsible for 5.450 deaths in 2010 making it the biggest single preventable cause of ill health and premature death in Wales. The consultation will run until 23rd October with any legislation set to come into force in 2015.