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October 2, 2014
Latest News

alcoholDetails of recent guidance notes and procedures added to the RIAMS system including updates to the Food, Administration, and Licensing areas.

FHRS Revisions
The Food Hygiene Rating System guidance has been updated to reflect changes to the ‘Brand Standard’ which provides advice to local authorities on the implementation and operation of the FHRS. The changes have been made after consultation with the UK-wide Food Hygiene Ratings Steering Group. The updated guidance contains two main changes. ‘Low-risk’ establishments which are not generally recognised by consumers as being food businesses, and certain establishments operating from private addresses (e.g. child-minders) will no longer be able to ‘opt in’ to the FHRS while businesses will now be issued with a sticker only and no certificate. These changes are for England, and bring the system in line with the compulsory scheme in place in Wales.

Information Assurance and Protective Marking
The procedures in the Information folder of the Administration module have been reviewed recently. The Guidance Note on Information Assurance and Protective Marking has been updated to reflect the Government Security Classifications Policy that replaces the Government Protective Marking System. The five levels of protective marking (top secret, secret, confidential, restricted and protect) have been replaced with three (top secret, secret, official). It does not require all ‘official’ documents to be marked, recognising that this covers most information in the public sector, but where documents could have damaging consequences to individuals they should be marked as ‘Official – sensitive’. Local authorities will need to be aware of these changes when requesting access to government documents and may also wish to consider amending their own systems.

Model Planning Conditions
Recommended conditions to be applied in respect of fracking have now been included in the guidance note on model planning conditions in the RIAMS planning module.

Mandatory Licence Conditions Supply of Alcohol
On 1st October the new mandatory licence conditions that will apply to suppliers of alcohol come into force. The Home Office has now released guidance on the scheme. A copy of the guidance can be found on RIAMS in the Licensing Act 2003 folder.

Pest Control Ants, Wasps and Bees
The Pest Control insects folder has been updated to include the recently published CIEH pest control procedures manual that addresses the social insects, ants, wasps and bees. The manual has chapters covering identification and biology, inspection and assessment and treatment processes.

Anti-Social Behaviour Injunctions
Changes brought about by the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 which comes into force on 20th October will be included in the relevant areas of the RIAMs system. The government however has delayed the introduction of new anti-social behaviour injunctions until January 2015. Part 1 of the new act allows courts to issue an injunction against anyone over 10 years old who is ‘engaged or threatens to engage in anti-social behaviour. Currently courts are only able to issue injunctions against anyone who is 18 years or over. The delay is to ensure that legal aid services for young people can be put into place.