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HSE Launches New Beware Asbestos App

October 9, 2014
Environmental Protection

asbestosThe HSE has launched a new web app for phones, tablets and laptops to help tradespeople identify where they could come into contact with asbestos. The move comes after a survey showed that construction workers, carpenters and decorators are still likely to be exposed to asbestos based materials over 100 times every year.

The research, which was carried out by Censuswide during September, also revealed that whilst 53% of those questioned knew that asbestos could be present in buildings constructed before 1970, only 15% were aware it could still pose a risk in buildings constructed up to 2000. Despite the fact that all types of asbestos were banned from use at the turn of the century there are still 20 deaths each week from diseases related to exposure.

HSE Chief Inspector of Construction Phillip White hopes the new app will aid workers in taking sensible precautions to reduce risks from exposure. “Our new campaign aims to help tradespeople understand some of the simple steps they can take to stay safe,” he said. “Asbestos is still a very real danger and the survey findings suggest that the people who come into contact with it regularly often don’t know where it could be and, worryingly, don’t know how to deal with it correctly, which could put them in harm’s way.” 

You can download the HSE Beware Asbestos app here