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Health Secretary Predicts UK Ebola Cases in Next Few Months

October 17, 2014
Public Health

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has warned the NHS that it is very likely UK hospitals will have to deal with cases of Ebola in the next few months. Speaking on Sky News Mr Hunt said; “I think we will see someone with ebola arriving in the UK, and the chief medical officer thinks it will be a handful of cases in the next three months. We have to be prepared, we have very strict procedures. We have to make sure everyone knows about the right procedures.”

A team of 91 British health workers including doctors nurses and communicable disease consultants are set to join the 40 soldiers already in Sierra Leone working at a UK supported treatment centre as the outbreak shows no signs of slowing down. According to the latest World Health Organisation statistics the number of cases of the virus in West Africa is expected to reach 9,000 this week, the death toll currently standing at 4,447.

A number of new cases have been reported in Europe, while 15 contacts of Spanish nurse Teresa Romero who contracted the disease caring for two priests who died after returning from Sierra Leone and Liberia are being kept under close observation.

Officials in the US are trying to contact 132 people who flew on a plane to Cleveland with nurse Amber Vinson who was diagnosed with Ebola on Tuesday. Ms Vinson was one of the health care workers treating Liberian Thomas Duncan who died in Dallas last week.