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RIAMS Updates: New ASB Powers

October 24, 2014

dogMuch of the content based on the new Anti-social Behaviour Crime and Policing Act 2014, which came into force on Monday 20 October, has now been uploaded on RIAMS. This includes three new procedures in the Enforcement module: Community Trigger, Public Spaces Protection Order and Closure Power, and Public Spaces Protection Order Dog Control in Environmental Crime.

There are now two new notices in the Enforcement module: Fixed Penalty Notice for Breach of Community Protection Notice, Community Protection Notice and a Warning Letter in lieu of Community Protection Notice.

A total of 15 procedures in the Environmental Protection module have been updated, and two in the Environmental Crime area. Many of these relate to the act’s new powers with regard to excess noise, odour and dog control.

New guidance includes DEFRA documents Tackling Irresponsible Dog Ownership Draft Practitioners Manual October 2013 DEFRA and Tackling Irresponsible Dog Ownership Draft Practitioners Manual Annex A-D October 2013 DEFRA, as well as, in Housing: Antisocial Neighbours in Private Housing House of Commons May 2014 and Enforcement: Antisocial Behaviour Formal Interventions Summary.

New content is being added daily; please contact us if you require something you cannot find on the system.