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RIAMS: New CIEH Professional Practice Note on Community Protection Orders

October 27, 2014

RIAMS has been updated to include the new powers and changes brought in by the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014. These have a significant impact across many of the existing enforcement areas.  

There are six procedures in the folder Enforcement / Procedures / Anti-social Behaviour covering the new powers including Community Protection Notices, Public Spaces Protection Orders and Closure Powers. A procedure is in development that links the new powers together and a further procedure will address the injunction power due in the new year. 

In Enforcement / Notices / Anti-social Behaviour there are templates for a Community Protection Notice, warning letter and Fixed Penalty Notice. National guidance can be found in the National Policy and Guidance folder. 

The Environmental Crime module has been overhauled to reflect the new powers. The dog control procedures have been updated and a new procedure added to cover the application of Public Spaces Protection Orders with regard to dog control. The Litter and Graffiti procedures have also been updated. 

In the Environmental Protection module procedures have been amended to include the option of Community Protection Notices where statutory nuisance is ruled out. The noise procedures have also been updated to reflect the new closure power. 

The Public Health module has similarly been updated including procedures in the Rubbish and Accumulations sub-category.  

The Licensing Act 2003 sub-category has been updated to reflect the new closure power. 

For the Housing module a new procedure is currently under review ‘Anti-social Behaviour in the Private Rented Sector’ to address the changes affecting housing enforcement. This will be added shortly. 

We would welcome feedback on these changes and please let us know if there is any further content that you would wish us to develop and add to RIAMS.