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Latest UN Report Calls for Decisive Action on Climate Change

November 4, 2014
Environmental Protection

wind farmThe fifth report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which was released in Copenhagen on Sunday, has called for decisive action by political leaders to prevent the worst effects of global warming. The report brings together the conclusions of three IPCC working groups which looked at the underlying science, impacts, and ways to address climate change.

Prepared by hundreds of scientists from across the globe, the document warns that climate change will inflict ‘severe, widespread and irreversible impacts’ unless carbon emissions are cut. A shift towards wind, solar and nuclear power, and the phasing out of fossil fuel use without carbon capture by the end of the century are a few of the changes scientists want governments to invest in. IPCC Chairman Dr Rajendra Pachauri believes changes can be accomplished without putting the world’s economies in danger, saying, “We have the means to limit climate change. The solutions are many and allow for continued economic and human development. All we need is the will to change, which we trust will be motivated by knowledge and an understanding of the science of climate change. We have that opportunity, and the choice is in our hands.”

Strengthening the language used in the fourth assessment report in 2007, the latest edition says it is now ‘extremely likely’ that human influence has been the dominant cause of global warming since 1950. Research also reaffirms that the period between 1983 and 2012 was the warmest 30 year period in the last 1,400 years.

You can download the full IPCC Report here