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November 11, 2014
Latest News

terraceDetails of recent guidance notes and procedures added to the RIAMS system including updates to the Housing, Health & Safety, Licensing, and Environmental Protection areas.

The Housing (Wales) Act 2014
A Guidance Note has been added to the Housing knowledge area in the General procedures folder. It outlines the main provisions of the new Housing Act and the expected implementation timetable that begins next year. The act makes significant changes with the aim of improving the housing stock in Wales. New provisions contained within the legislation include a compulsory registration scheme and licensing of private rented sector landlords. Stronger measures are to be introduced to address homelessness, long with an assessment of Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation and reform of the Housing Revenue Account Summary. The Wales housing content on RIAMS will be updated as the new provisions are implemented.

Health and Safety Template Forms
Two templates have been added to the Notices folder in the Health and Safety knowledge area. These address taking possession and detaining of substances or articles under Section 20(2)(i) of the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 and the requirement to leave premises undisturbed under Section 20(2)(e).

Revised Guidance Section 182 Licensing Act 2003
The Home Office has updated the guidance to include recent changes to the TEN form, mandatory conditions, and Early Morning Restriction Orders (EMRO).

BS4142 Updated
BS4142:1997 has been replaced by BS4142:2014 Methods for Rating and Assessing Industrial and Commercial Sound. A copy is located  in Resources / British Standards / Environmental Protection Collection.