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Relaxed Alcohol Rules Proposed for Small Businesses

November 18, 2014

beerThe government has launched a consultation into the introduction of Community and Ancillary Sellers Notices (CAN) which would make it easier for small businesses and community groups holding occasional events to sell alcohol.

Questions in the consultation include what size of accommodation provider should benefit, what type of accommodation, the appropriate definition of a community group, and the amount and frequency of alcohol that can be sold under a CAN.

Minister of State for Crime Prevention Lynn Featherstone told the BBC the new scheme is all about easing the burden on small businesses: “The Coalition Government is committed to reducing the unnecessary burdens on responsible businesses, but not at the expense of undermining safeguards against crime and disorder or public nuisance, and we want to get this balance right,” she said.

The new proposals would allow community groups to name up to three premises where they wish to sell alcohol at organised events, with a maximum attendance up to 300 people. The current system demands groups apply for a licence which can cost anywhere between £100 and £2000. If accepted, the new CAN will provide the user with a three-year period in which to sell a limited amount of alcohol between 7am and 11pm.

The consultation runs until the 9th December and you can view a copy of the consultation paper here