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UK Patient Cleared after Ebola Test

November 19, 2014
Public Health

ebolaPublic Health England (PHE) have confirmed that a hospital patient in Hereford tested for the Ebola virus earlier this week does not have the disease. The man, with a history of travel to West Africa, was displaying one of the early symptoms of the disease when he was admitted to Hereford County Hospital on Monday evening.

A spokesperson for PHE said, “PHE can confirm it received a sample for precautionary Ebola testing, involving an individual at Hereford County Hospital with a history of travel to West Africa. Ebola was considered very unlikely but testing was done as a precaution and we can now confirm that the test results were negative. We have advised all front-line medical practitioners dealing with patients to be alert to signs and symptoms of Ebola in those returning from affected areas. Following such advice we would expect to see an increase in testing. Should there be a positive case in the UK, this information will be made available to the public.”

The number of deaths associated with the Ebola outbreak in West Africa went over 5,000 last week, with an estimated 13,000 people infected with the virus. On Sunday Prime Minister David Cameron announced worldwide plans to invest a further £1.34 million into research to try to control the current outbreak.