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RIAMS Updates December 2014

December 18, 2014
Latest News

lionThere have been over 30 updates to RIAMS so far in December, including formatted notices regarding Housing, and changes to procedures and national policy and guidance documents in the Infectious Diseases and Foodborne Illnesses area of the Food Knowledge Area. Documents have also been added regarding dangerous wild animals in Licensing.

Reviewed Procedures
Environmental Crime: Abandoned Vehicles
Environmental Crime: Duty of Care Enforcement
Environmental Protection: Investigation of Dust Complaints from Commercial Premises
Environmental Protection: Dust from Construction and Demolition
Environmental Protection: Development on Sites Affected or Possibly Affected by Contamination
Food: Handling and Disposal of Food Waste
Food: Cryptosporidiosis Outbreak from a Mains Water Supply
Housing: Illegal Eviction and Harassment
Licensing: Licensing of Dangerous Wild Animals
Public Health: Taking a Drinking Water Sample
Public Health: Private Distribution Systems – Identification, Responsibilities, Risk Assessment and Monitoring

New Documents
Licensing: Application for a Greyhound Racetrack Welfare Licence DEFRA
Licensing: Dangerous Wild Animals Template Licence
Licensing: Dangerous Wild Animals Refusal Letter

New Guidance Notes
Environmental Protection: Guidance Note Noise Action Planning
Food: Campylobacter Investigation Aide-Memoire
Food: Escherichia coli 0157 Investigation Aide-memoire
Food: Typhoid / Paratyphoid Investigation Aide-Memoire
Food: Cryptosporidium Investigation Aide-Memoire
Food: Salmonella Investigation Aide-Memoire
Food: Cyclospora Aide-memoire
Housing: Guidance Note: Anti-social Behaviour in the Private Rented Sector

New NPGs
Licensing: The Welfare of Racing Greyhounds Regulations 2010 Guidance for Independent Greyhound Track Operators DEFRA February 2010
Licensing: Reducing the Strength Guidance for Councils Considering Setting up a Scheme LGA

Updated NPGs
Planning: The Use of Planning Conditions for Development Management Welsh Government Circular WGC 016/2014

New Formatted Notices
Formatted Notices/Housing: Proposal to Revoke a Management Order
Formatted Notices/Housing: Proposal to Vary a Management Order
Formatted Notices/Housing: Revocation of a Management Order
Formatted Notices/Housing: Variation of a Management Order 
Formatted Notices/Housing: Building Act Section 79 Seriously Detrimental
Formatted Notices/Housing: Final Empty Dwelling Management Order Management Scheme and Account Details