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2014 Was the UK’s Warmest Year So Far

January 6, 2015
Environmental Protection

sunshadeThe Met Office have confirmed that 2014 was the warmest year since UK records began. The Central England Temperature series started in 1659 and is the longest running record of its kind.

Eight of the UK’s top ten warmest years have now occurred since the turn of the century. The average temperature of 9.9oC during last year was 1.1oC above the long term average, beating the previous highest figure set in 2006.

Bob Ward of the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment told the Guardian, “This is clear evidence of the impact of man-made climate change on the UK. However, the latest assessment by the independent Committee on Climate Change shows that the UK public is largely unaware of how climate change is affecting their exposure and vulnerability to extreme weather events. The lack of awareness of the UK public of how climate change is already affecting them represents a colossal failure by the government and its agencies, including the Environment Agency and the Met Office, to communicate with the public about this issue.”

2014 also saw the fourth highest rainfall total since 1910, with a provisional figure of 1297.1mm throughout the year making it one of the 20 wettest years in England and Wales since Met Office records began in 1766. Full year global temperature figures will be announced later this month, with provisional data released in December suggesting that last year will be the world’s hottest so far.