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RIAMS Update – New Fuel Poverty Guidance

January 9, 2015
Latest News

fireA new guidance note on Fuel Poverty and Health has been added to the Health and Wellbeing folder of the Public Health Procedures knowledge area on the RIAMS system.

It is estimated that over 1 million families in the UK currently live in fuel poverty, including almost one in five families with children. Projected figures from Age UK estimate there will be 8.9 million people over 75 in fuel poverty by 2035, leading to increased hospital admissions for cold-related conditions.

The situation in Wales is particularly acute, with up to 29% of households thought to be fuel poor, and Plaid Cymru calling on the government to do more to address the issue. Plaid treasury spokesman Jonathan Edwards told Wales Online, “Despite being a net exporter of electricity, fuel poverty levels in Wales remain at a disgracefully high level. If we are serious about tackling fuel poverty we need serious sums of investment. As well as dealing with one of the greatest social justice challenges of our time, investment of this sort will generate jobs and boost economic growth, and help to combat climate change through better energy efficiency.”

The RIAMS guidance includes an evidence base of information on fuel poverty and health and links to the Public Health Outcomes Framework as well as an extensive reference section.

RIAMS subscribers can view the new guidance here.