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Government Removes Demolition Guidance

January 20, 2015

demolitionFollowing a recent review, The Department for Communities and Local Government has removed a number of pieces of guidance on neighbourhood renewal dating back to 1997 (a full list can be found below). A statement from the DCLG said the move was part of the coalition’s commitment to introduce a range of measures to get empty homes back into use.

RH Environmental associate and co-author of the Housing Health International Research Bulletin Dr Stephen Battersby believes that the blanket removal of the guidance is a retrograde step. “The original statement was to review the guidance and documentation, and that I could understand, but to cancel it all is nonsense,” he said. “There seems to be a failure within CLG to understand what housing renewal is about, and clearly nobody understands the Neighbourhood Renewal Assessment (NRA) process which, if done properly, involves communities. Given the conditions in the worst of the Private Rented Sector (PRS), which are a risk to health and safety, and increased costs to the NHS, the government should be doing more to help and encourage local authorities, not cancelling guidance without any replacement.”

Guidance which has been cancelled:

  • Neighbourhood Renewal Assessment and Renewal Areas (DETR, 1997)
  • Private Sector Renewal Strategies: A Good Practice Guide (DETR, 1997)
  • Running and Sustaining Renewal Areas (DETR, 2000)
  • Addressing the Needs of Run Down Private Sector Housing (ODPM, 2002)
  • What Works? Reviewing the Evidence Base for Neighbourhood Renewal (ODPM, 2002)
  • Housing Renewal Guidance – ODPM Circular 05/2003
  • Sustainable Communities: Building for the Future (ODPM, 2003)
  • Assessing the Impacts of Spatial Interventions: Regeneration, Renewal and Regional Development – The 3Rs Guidance (ODPM, 2004)
  • Neighbourhood Renewal Assessment guidance manual (ODPM, 2004)