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World Economic Forum Told 2015 Should Be The Year of Climate Action

January 23, 2015
Environmental Protection

On the first day of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos president Jim Kim called on delegates from rich and poor countries to join together in tackling climate change. Figures have shown that 2014 was officially the warmest year on record and Mr Kim says that is evidence of accelerating global warming.

Talking in the Guardian he warned that despite progress that has been made there’s still a huge challenge ahead; “The key is coming up with a vision of how we are going to finance mitigation and adaptation to climate change,” He said. “We have got to get away from the mutual accusations between rich and poor and move towards cohesive collaboration. Things are different and if we can find ways of being creative, particularly on funding, we are more likely to find agreement.”

Former US Vice President Al Gore announced plans in Davos to stage a 24 hour long live music show across seven continents on June 18th to raise public awareness of climate change ahead of Novembers United Nations Climate Change Conference.

The event is being organised with pop star Pharrell Williams and will be called Live Earth: Road to Paris with an anticipated audience of 2 billion. Williams was involved in a similar event in 2007 which brought together 150 acts in 11 locations.