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Environment in Long Term Decline According to New Report

January 27, 2015
Environmental Protection

The latest report from the governments Natural Capital Committee (NCC) has warned that the environment is in long term decline. The NCC which reports to Whitehall’s Economic Affairs Committee was established in 2012 as an independent advisory body looking at those elements of the environment which provide valuable goods and services to communities. Clean air, clean water, food and recreation all fall within the NCC’s remit.

Urban air quality is seen as a particular environmental risk factor leading to 40,000 premature deaths a year costing the economy an estimated £20million.

Introducing the report NCC Chairman Professor Dieter Helm said; “There is now a great opportunity to improve the wellbeing and prosperity of both urban and rural populations and restore some of the natural capital that has been lost. This will enhance prospects for long-term sustainable growth and therefore bequeath to the next generation a set of properly maintained and enhanced natural assets. A future government has this opportunity.”

The committee recommend that government work closely with the private sector and non-government organisations (NGO’s) to develop a strategy and 25 year plan to include building blocks, investment and financing. They also call for natural capital to be included into the national accounts by the Office for National Statistics.

You can download a copy of ‘The State of Natural Capital – Protecting and Improving Natural Capital for Prosperity and Wellbeing’ Here