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New Energy Standards to be Introduced for Landlords

February 5, 2015

Energy and Climate Secretary Ed Davey will present the Domestic Tenants Energy Efficiency Improvements Regulations before parliament today (Thursday).

The new legislation will require landlords to ensure their properties have a minimum E energy rating by April 2018. It’s estimated that 10% of privately rented homes in England and Wales currently fall below the proposed minimum energy efficiency standard forcing tenants to spend up to £1,000 extra every year on energy.

Speaking in The Guardian, John Aker, acting CEO of the UK Green Building Council, welcomed the move: “This could be the single most significant piece of legislation to affect our existing building stock in a generation, affecting a huge swath of rented properties,” he said. “Government deserves huge credit for sticking to its guns. Some will undoubtedly cry ‘red tape’, but good landlords and forward-thinking property companies have nothing to fear.”

Under the new requirements tenants living in properties with energy ratings of F and G will also be given the right to request improvements in energy efficiency from April 2016.

Landlords will, however, be able to continue to let the lowest-rated properties for a further two years after 2018; in the case of existing tenancies, improvements will only be required when a contract is renewed or new tenants move in.