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Housing Tribunal Decision, LB Hounslow: Remedial Works

February 16, 2015

Property: 18 Wellesley Road, London W4 4BN

Case Reference: LON/00AT/HPO/2014/0003

The Property Tribunal considered an appeal made by Mr Peter Ashley Trapnell under Schedule 2, Part 3 of the Housing Act 2004, against a Prohibition Order made by LNB Hounslow under sections (ss) 20 and 21 of the same Act.

The Tribunal identified a number of issues, including whether necessary steps had been taken prior to making the Order and whether categorized hazards existed.

The house had been in the family since 1949, the appellants’ mother had moved out in 1999 and the house had been unoccupied since 2005, except for some squatters in 2010-11. Towards the end of 2011, LB Hounslow received a petition signed by 110 residents due to the state of disrepair and in December 2011, an Improvement Notice was served. This was appealed to the Residential Property Tribunal (RPT) and a schedule for works was set, with urgent repairs to be complete by March 2012 and the remained to be complete by May 2013.

Since September 2013, the property has been occupied; LB Hounslow revisited the property in January 2014 and subsequently served a Prohibition Order, which is the current appeal.

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