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The Noise App Launches Today

February 17, 2015
Environmental Protection

noise appFrom today, local authorities and housing associations will be able to take advantage of a groundbreaking new app to help them investigate noise nuisance cases. Developed by a team of environmental health officers at RH Environmental, The Noise App allows anyone to record noise that bothers them and securely send their recording to their council or housing association.

It is hoped that this revolutionary approach will help front-line officers with case management, leading to significant efficiency savings. RH Environmental Director Robert Halford explained, “Providing this ground-breaking app will save councils and housing associations tens of thousands of pounds in development costs and spread the cost fairly, while enabling us to continue developing the app to benefit as many people as possible. Our company is focussed on providing ethical and socially beneficial solutions, so we’re proud to be doing this.”

Audio files can be shared securely with the police and other agencies when tacking anti-social behaviour, while information gathered by the app can also be presented in court as part of a formal investigation, if required. Last year, Elmbridge Council in Surrey won the Noise Abatement Society’s prestigious John Connell Award for a joined-up noise service with the police, which featured the beta version of the Noise App. Councils and housing associations have already been signing up to be ready for today’s launch; over 100 have said they will be using the app, with over 25 already signed up.

Noise nuisance continues to be a serious issue in the UK, with 194,501 complaints received and 8,931 noise abatement notices served by local councils in 2013.  

You can find out more about The Noise App here. Or download the Android app here.