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Housing Tribunal Decision, Newcastle City Council; Improvement Notice

February 23, 2015

Property: 31 Fern Avenue, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE2 2QU

Case Reference: MASN/00CJ/HIN/2014/0014

The case concerns an appeal against an Improvement Notice served by Newcastle City Council upon the Applicant regarding two Category 1 hazards, excess cold and fire. The Tribunal had been informed when the Improvement Notice had been issued, the property was in multiple occupation; at Inspection however, the Tribunal found that the property was unoccupied.

Both parties requested a paper determination; the Appellant informed the tribunal that he intended to refurbish the house into a family home. The Respondents informed the Tribunal that they sought only suitable casements and glazing and suitable fire protection to remove the identified hazards.

To view the courts decision, please follow the link