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Residential Property Tribunal, London Borough of Camden; Improvement Notice

March 10, 2015

Property: Flat 4, Heath Court, 10-12 Frognal, London NW3 6AH

Case Reference: LON/00AG/HIN/2011/0020

This appeal concerned who the appropriate person to be served with an Improvement Notice would be.

The applicant, the leaseholder of the flat, was served with an Improvement Notice. At this hearing, the Tribunal was informed that work on the defective balcony was nearing completion and the freeholder (of the building) and the leaseholder (of the flat) had both agreed to contribute to the cost of the work, although the proportions had not yet been agreed upon.

This hearing concerned an appeal to the Tribunal, in order to establish who an Improvement Order should be served upon, the freeholder of the premises, or the leaseholder of the specific property.

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