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Residential Property Tribunal, Forest of Dean Council; Improvement Notice

March 18, 2015

Property: Deer Flight, Machen Road, Broadwell, Coleford, Gloucestershire, GL16 7BU

Case Reference: CHI/23UD/HIN/2011/0010

An inspection was made by an officer from the Local Authority, who subsequently served an Improvement Notice as a result of the deficiencies found.

The appeal was based primarily on whether the deficiencies constituted recognised hazards under the HHSRS. The owner and landlord asserted that some hazards identified should be reclassified; his claims were however, unsubstantiated as he had no evidence contributing towards their validity.

A number of further issues arose in the course of the deliberations, particularly the weight attached to the HHSRS as the basis of the interventions under the Housing Act 2004.

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