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Residential Property Tribunal. London Borough of Tower Hamlets; Prohibition Order

March 20, 2015

Property: 1st and 2nd Floor, 163 Cannon Street Road, London E1 2LX

Case Reference: LON/00BG/HPO/2014/0014 + 0015

 This case concerned an appeal against a Prohibition Order issued by the Local Authority (LA); the main hazard identified was fire, although a complaint had been made to the LA but the tenants regarding the damp and mould.

The appellants sought expert advice from Mr Khan, who argued that there was no imminent fire risk, meaning that the Prohibition Order was unnecessary.

The respondents on the other hand, argued that it was necessary, as at least 10 issues identified in the HHSRS inspection report were included in their reasoning. The LA also brought to the tribunal’s attention that it was unlikely that the properties had planning permission for residential use; this particularly concerned the tribunal.

The parties agreed that the applicant would apply for planning permission and building control for two flats, allow no further lettings until the necessary work had been carried out, and to complete this work within 28 days after the current tenants had moved out. The LA agreed to suspend the order a second time to allow the tenants to find somewhere else to live.

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