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Residential Property Tribunal, Lancaster City Council; Improvement Notice

March 25, 2015

Property: 26 Richmond Avenue, Lancaster LA1 2HQ

Case Reference: MAN/30UH/HIN/2011/0015

The case concerned an appeal against an Improvement Notice. Category 1 and Category 2 hazards were identified by the officer upon a visit to the property after works were not completed. The appellant accused the officer of being over zealous. 

Upon inspection by the tribunal, they concluded that the officer had been correct in fulfilling the statutory obligations. The tribunal also corrected the appellant, who sits on the Valuation Tribunal, as he argued that many of the problems were attributable to the tenant. The tribunal stated that a landlord is not able to avoid his statutory obligations by contracting out of them in the tenancy agreement.

The tribunal, after considering the surrounding circumstances, allowed the appeal, quashing the Notice.

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