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New Residential Property Tribunal Decision, East Hertfordshire Council, HMO licensing.

April 8, 2015

Property: 9 Wilton Close, Bishops Stortford, CM23 5JN

Case Reference: CAM/22UQ/HMV/2014/0001

This case concerned an appeal against a condition imposed as part of the HMO license for the above mentioned property. The condition was imposed as a result of there not being enough wash facilities for the number of residents the property had; the options available to the landlord were to install another bathroom, or install washbasins in two bedrooms.

The landlords stated that the tenants were against installing washbasins in their rooms due to the interference/disturbance the installation would cause and loosing storage space, although no evidence was presented to support these claims. The landlords also argued that in the case of male tenants, the sink may be used as a urinal which would obviously be unhygienic.

The tribunal carefully considered the presentations and decided to dismiss the appeal.

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