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High Air Pollution Forecast for England

April 9, 2015
Environmental Protection

smogThe warm weather which is expected to spread across the UK on Friday will also give rise to poor air quality in many parts of England. Forecasters say temperatures will reach 20oc on Friday, and the fine weather combining with pollution blowing from the continent and Saharan dust will produce high levels of air pollutants.

The situation is likely to be made worse by the fact that many European cities including Paris are suffering similar problems. Officials in the French capital have reacted by cutting the speed limits on motorways into Paris by 20kph in an attempt to tackle the latest in a series of pollution episodes. The highest levels in the UK are expected to affect the south-east of England, with DEFRA warning those living on the south coast to reduce physical activity during the day.

Dr Penny Woods, chief executive of the British Lung Foundation, is concerned that a trend is being set after a similar incident occurred a year ago. “This latest high air pollution episode, coming so soon after the last, is troubling, and could again put people living with respiratory conditions at risk of worsening symptoms,” she told The Guardian, adding: “With periods of high pollution often resulting from a combination of domestically-produced pollution and that coming from mainland Europe, we need urgent action from government to clean up the air we breathe, across all government departments at home and at a pan-European level.”

The current episode is expected to be short-lived, with Atlantic winds dispersing the polluted air in the early hours of Saturday morning.