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Residential Property Tribunal, Blackpool Council, Improvement Notice

April 13, 2015

Property: 5 Charnley Road, Blackpool FY1 2PE

Case Reference: MAN/00EY/HIN/2011/0025

The property consisted of 10 bedsits/flats and at the time of inspection, only two were occupied. There had been a number of complaints from both the tenants and the surrounding neighbours. The property had also been broken into with east access through broken windows.

An improvement notice was first served in 2008, the landlord, ELH Associates, asked for financial assistance and an offer was provided by the local authority. This was withdrawn after two years. A prohibition notice was issued and then withdrawn after appeal.

After further pressure from neighbours in 2011, ELH Associates finally agreed to have the work done. After further inspection, the local authority issued an improvement notice, which was again appealed. Further inspections showed that some of the hazards had been addresses. The tribunal altered the notice and this was due to the likelihood of vandalism.

The tribunal ordered that work be completed within 28 days of the hearing.

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