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Residential Property Tribunal, London Borough of Newham, Improvement Notice.

April 15, 2015

Property: First Floor Flat, 141 Denmark Street, London E13 8JX

Case Reference: LN/00ABB/HIN/2012/0003

This case concerned improvement works that needed to be carried out on the above mentioned property.

The owner of the premises let the property to New Lodge Property Services, who sub-let the property to Ms Lopes. The tenancy agreement made reference to the property being used as temporary accommodation for the homeless.

Ms Lopes made a complaint to the local authority who subsequently carried out an inspection. Category 1 and category 2 hazards were identified. The appellant (owner) had been unaware of any problems; the last photographs he had of the property were from the letting agent who marketed the house for let in 2008 prior to New Lodge taking over the property.

The appellant admitted to not having time to inspect the property and accepted the Improvement Notice issued by the local authority. He does contend whether the notice should have been served on New Lodge, respondent (the local authority) acted prematurely and did not have regard for the attempts he was making to resolve the situation and finally, he should not be liable the Enforcement Action bill.

The court considered the law surrounding these and dismissed the appeal.

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