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Scientists Issue Climate Change Warning on Earth Day

April 22, 2015
Environmental Protection

A joint statement issued by 17 prominent scientists and economists who make up the Earth League, has warned that there is a 10% chance of a 6oc rise in global temperature by the end of the century. The prediction, which is based on current levels of carbon dioxide emissions, is contained in a three page summary of actions that the experts feel need to be agreed at the UN Climate Change Conference in December.

The gathering of world leaders in Paris, at the end of the year is seen by many as a final opportunity to agree a binding treaty on global warming. The Earth League members include economists Jeffrey Sachs, and Lord Nicholas Stern, as well as prominent scientists from Europe, Brazil and India.

“2015 is potentially one of the most decisive years in modern human history on earth when it comes to determining our future prospects for wellbeing and prosperity for 9 to 10 billion people over the next century,” Johan Rockstrom, of the Stockholm Resilience Centre in Sweden, who chaired the Earth League group, told the Independent. “If we follow the current trajectory of ‘business as usual’, it would have a one-in-ten probability of leading to 6oc by the end of this century, and 6oc, I think even the climate sceptics would agree, is place the world does not want to be in,” He said.

The statement coincides with the 46th Earth Day which is observed in over 190 countries around the world to build support for environmental protection.

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