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Today is International Noise Awareness Day

April 29, 2015
Public Health

Founded by the Centre for Hearing and Communication (CHC) in 1996, International Noise Awareness Day encourages people to address unwanted noise at home and in the workplace.

CHC assistant executive director Nancy Nadler wants everyone to take more responsibility to address the issue. “It is time to address the threat that noise poses to hearing, health, learning, and behaviour,” She said. “It is time that we take responsibility to quiet our surroundings and create a healthful environment for ourselves and our children.”

As well as hearing loss, high blood pressure and sleep deprivation, digestive problems and stress related disorders have all been linked to environmental noise exposure. In 2013/14 local authorities in England and Wales received 145,514 complaints about noise resulting in 2,251 abatement notices being served.

Earlier this year, RH Environmental launched the new Noise App, allowing members of the public to submit recordings of noise that affects them securely to local authorities and housing associations for further investigation.

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