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CIEH Looking for Support From the Next Government

May 7, 2015
Environmental Health

westminsterWhatever happens in the election today, the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) will be looking for the opportunity to present the new administration with its own ‘election manifesto’ once they have settled into Westminster.

The document has 40 action points over seven key areas including healthy business, healthy lifestyles and a healthy environment. Amongst the recommendations, the CIEH is calling on politicians to continue to ring-fence public health funding for local government beyond 2016, ensure adequate funding for local government functions that are vital to supporting business and to commit to a long term cross-party investment strategy preserving, protecting and enhancing affordable housing.

Talking to Environmental Health News, CIEH Chief Executive Graham Jukes pointed out the vital nature of the work undertaken by EHPs and its positive benefits to business: “The work of our members is often invisible, especially when it is successful, but it is crucial to protecting people, whether from unsafe food, dangerous housing, being injured at work or made ill from pollution,” he said. “It is also useful to business, both as a source of advice and in providing a level playing field between honest and dishonest operators. Environmental health is practiced in all sectors and is incredibly diverse – our members in the port health service, for example, protect our borders from contaminated foodstuffs and the threat of infectious diseases.”

You can see a full copy of ‘Health for our Future, the CIEH Election Manifesto’ here