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Amber Rudd Named New Energy and Climate Change Minister

May 11, 2015
Environmental Health

Amber Rudd, the MP for Hastings and Rye, is the new Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change. Prime Minister David Cameron, announced the appointment as part of his new cabinet this morning. Ms Rudd, who is a former investment banker and financial journalist takes over from Liberal Democrat Ed Davey, who lost his seat in Kingston and Surbiton at last week’s election.

The news ends speculation that the Department of Energy and Climate Change could be merged with Business and Environment as part of a move to save government costs. Talking to Business Green before the election, Ms Rudd said if elected, a conservative administration would “continue to take action to protect the environment as part of our long-term economic plan for green jobs and growth, in a way that represents the lowest possible cost to consumers – through bearing down on the costs of green energy, driving greater innovation and working with business to deliver solutions.”

Amongst her first jobs will be to continue negotiations with EDF Energy on the construction of a new nuclear power plant and to finalise the fifth carbon budget, while later in the year she will head up the UK delegation to Decembers UN Climate Summit in Paris. Speculation continues as to who will be given the job of minister responsible for air quality at DEFRA after Liberal Democrat Dan Rogerson lost his North Cornwall parliamentary seat.