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New Welsh Environment Bill Calls for 80% Cut in CO2 by 2050

May 12, 2015
Environmental Protection

Details of the new Environment (Wales) Bill put forward by the Welsh Government have been published. The legislation, which has taken three years to draft, is intended to work in conjunction with the new planning and future generation bills, which aim to ensure the well-being of communities is put at the heart of local decision making.

Carl Sargeant, Minister for Natural Resources said; “This Bill will ensure the decisions we take in relation to our natural resources support our economy, our communities and our environment. It will help us manage our natural resources in a way that will deliver lasting benefits for current and future generations. This step, together with the requirements for sustainable management of our resources will help to ensure Wales has a prosperous economy alongside a healthy and resilient environment.”

The Bill will require the Welsh Government to set legally binding five year targets on greenhouse gas emissions leading to an overall cut of 80% by 2050. Other proposals contained in the document include extending 5p charges on supermarket carrier bags to include bags for life and a ban on food waste in sewers.

Businesses, schools and hospitals will be required to separate, paper, card, glass, plastic, metal, food and wood before it is collected for recycling. Currently recycling rates in Wales are falling well below the 70% target already imposed by the government, it is hoped the new bill could save the economy £52 million over 10 years and prevent the equivalent of 2.4 million tonnes of CO2 being released into the atmosphere.

If the Bill becomes law, a “state of the nation” environment report will be published every five years before assembly elections.

You can view the Environment (Wales) Bill HERE