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CAB Report Finds 740,000 Privately Rented Homes with Category One Hazards

May 21, 2015

housesAn analysis of English housing data by the Citizens Advice Bureau has found that there are 740,000 households (including 510,000 families with children) living in privately rented homes with category one hazards under the Housing Health and Safety Rating Scheme.

One in ten properties had a serious fall hazard, 8% were suffering from serious dampness and 6% were excessively cold. The CAB estimate that landlords are receiving £5.6 billion a year in rent, including £1.3 billion in housing benefit from properties with category one hazards. The figures were calculated based on an average rent of £157 per week.

Chief Executive Gillian Guy says the statistics prove landlords are putting profit before safety. “With a growing private rental sector, increasing numbers of people – including more than 500,000 children – are falling prey to landlords who fail to meet decent standards,” she said. “The government has rightly said it wants to tackle the country’s housing crisis – it must make targeting dodgy landlords, giving tenants better rights and driving up standards a major part of that effort.”

The number of children in privately rented accommodation is now three times higher than it was a decade ago. In response to the report The Residential Landlords Association is calling for better resources for local authorities who are struggling to enforce the law due to government budget cuts.

You can download a copy of the ‘A Nation of Renters’ report HERE