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Forecast Triggers Level 2 Heatwave Alert

June 29, 2015
Public Health

With temperatures above 30 degrees forecast over the next couple of days, the Met Office have issued a ‘Level 2’ Heatwave Warning. A warm front and continental air mass from Europe means there is an 80% chance of heatwave conditions in parts of England between noon tomorrow (Tuesday) and 6am on Thursday (July 2nd).

Coastal areas will be cooler but temperatures in Northern Ireland and Scotland are still expected to reach the mid to high 20’s. Public Health England Director Dr Paul Cosford, said “We want everyone to be able to enjoy the good weather safely. Older people and those with long-term illnesses are particularly vulnerable to the effects of very hot weather, so it’s important to look out for them, help them stay hydrated with plenty of cool drinks, and keep indoor areas as cool as possible.”

The highest temperature so far this year was 27.8C (82F) recorded at Gravesend on June 26th. Soaring temperatures are set to coincide with the opening week of Wimbledon where organisers are bracing themselves for some of the hottest days the championships have ever seen. The warmest day ever recorded at the tournament in London SW17 was 34.6C (94F) on June 26th 1976. The Heatwave Plan for England which provides five levels of alert has been published every year since 2004 covering the months from June to September.

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