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Experts Claim Latest Heatwaves Linked to Climate Change

July 6, 2015
Environmental Protection

The latest heat waves which are sweeping across Europe are almost certainly the result of climate change, according to scientists. Last week, Germany and Spain experienced their hottest July days ever, while a new UK high was set on Wednesday, July 1st when a temperature of 36.7 degrees Celsius was recorded at Heathrow.

Climate experts looked at five European cities as part of the World Weather Attribution programme led by Climate Central, a US-based science journalism organisation, and supported by scientists from organisations around the world, including Oxford University, the University of Melbourne, the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute and van Aalst’s Climate Centre. The programme is intended to bring together weather information, forecasting and climate frameworks to look at changing weather patterns associated with global warming.

Using a real time data analysis of climate data gathered on Friday 3rd July, researchers concluded that heatwave events are increasing in frequency in line with global warming. In Mannheim, Germany, a heatwave event which was previously predicted to occur once in 100 years is now likely to occur every 15 years according to scientists. With record high temperatures set to hit other areas of Europe this week, the Netherlands Central Bureau of Statistics has predicted that on average 200 more people will die in that country each week during a heatwave, a 10 per cent rise in deaths.